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MICA trains future Godly Leaders,

"one child at a time."

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The Metropolitan International Christian Academy (MICA) believes that each child is a unique creation, a precious gift from God endowed with talents and abilities that must be harnessed and developed to the fullest.

MICA’s guiding philosophy in providing the highest quality of education is taken from the passage by the wisest king, Solomon, in Proverbs 22:6 –

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (KJV)


MICA dedicates herself to impart knowledge and learning experiences to develop the physical, mental and emotional faculties of the child, and most importantly, to build strong moral and spiritual foundations that will equip the child to face life.   


MICA seeks to provide quality but affordable Christian education to her students, and raise up God-fearing future leaders of our society.


MICA is committed to:

T – O – U – C - H

T     -  Train


O    -  Own


U    -  Uplift


C - Care for,


                  H  -  Harness                 

the Next Generation of Christian Leaders



C - Character Building

H - Honesty & Integrity

A - Academic Excellence

M - Maximized Potentials

P - Personal Accountability

S - Service to God, Family & Country


Individualized Learning

MICA is offering a mastery-based, individualized learning program through the use of Packet of Accelerated Christian Education (PACE). It is a bite-sized, achievable worktext similar to conventional textbooks.

Integration of Biblical Principles

Biblical principles and Godly character-building lessons are also integrated into academic content and self-instructional activities of every PACE .

Competes in Regional, 

National and International Student Conventions

MICA helps its students to explore and develop their own God-given gifts and talents while preparing for student conventions. It is also through these conventions that a student learns dedication, striving for excellence, patience and commitment.


School Curricula

MICA has three (3) departments, namely:

  • Preschool (Kinder One/K1 and Kinder Two/K2),

  • Elementary (levels 1 to 6), and

  • Junior High School (levels 7-10)

The Preschool uses the ABEKA books from the Pensacola Christian College, USA for the K1 and the School of Tomorrow (SOT) system for the K2.


The Elementary and Junior High School use the SOT system in its core subjects - Mathematics, English, Literature & Creative Writing (Elementary only), Social Studies, Science, Word Building/Etymology and Filipino.  In addition are Good Manners & Right Conduct (GMRC) and Values Education using the Character First!® (a highly-acclaimed Christian bulletin series from the USA), and Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE). 

All levels recognized by the Department of Education

All departments are duly recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) National Capital Region (Recognition No’s P-037, S. 2007, E-003, S. 1993, S-12, Series 2005, respectively).


MICA follows the Enhanced Basic Education (K-12) using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or School of Tomorrow (SOT) System. This SOT system is individualized -- designed to allow each student to work on his own level of achievement, which may vary from subject to subject.

Complete Computer Courses

MICA also offers complete computer courses from Grade 1 through Grade 10. Moreover, complete Computer courses are handled by the H & D Information Technology, one of the leading information technology curriculum providers in the country.

Training future Godly leaders,

"one child at a time" 

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